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Edgewood Watershed Education Connection (EWEC)

Welcome! The Edgewood Watershed Education Connection (EWEC), sponsored by Edgewood College and many collaborators, promotes networking, education, and public involvement around local ecological and cultural issues. This site is for teachers, students, and the general public interested in furthering their knowledge of watersheds and education.

What is a Watershed?

Watersheds provide a rich and powerful focus for education and resource management.

Maps and Mapping (including GIS)

Used by the EWEC to encourage citizens—from individuals to entire classrooms—to become more effective partners in promoting ecosystem health in their watersheds.

Ecosystem Health

How to promote ecosystem health in your watershed.


The amazing response of plants and animals to weather and seasonal cycles.


Get down and dirty with these fascinating critters!

Watershed Activities

The activities in this section can help you meet Wisconsin's Model Academic Standards.