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Office of Science Outreach

The mission of the Edgewood Office of Science Outreach is to support the application of science education to address societal needs and to help create a scientifically literate population through interaction with communities and groups beyond the Edgewood boundaries.

The Office of Science Outreach encourages and assists Edgewood faculty, staff and students to engage in science outreach activities targeted at our community's youth, school teachers, and general public that will increase their understanding, interest, and involvement in science and environmental issues.

K-16 Science Education

The K-16 Science Education program is a unique, interactive, and collaborative venture among Edgewood College, Edgewood High School, Edgewood Campus School, and the Madison community. The program brings together students from all grade levels to participate in science-related activities, projects, and presentations.

Interactive Science Education Exhibit Center (ISEEC)

The Interactive Science Education Exhibit Center (ISEEC) is located in the atrium of the Sonderegger Science Center on the Edgewood campus in Madison, Wisconsin. The ISEEC houses interactive multimedia exhibits throughout the academic year that convey an integrated view of nature and science. Exhibits are created by Edgewood grade school, high school, and college students as well as members from the Madison community. Exhibits are interactive, incorporate a wide range of media such as physical models, living systems, and computer simulations, and are of interest to science students and enthusiasts of all ages. The ISEEC also holds Kindergarten through College (K-16) events that exhibit the work and research of students from Edgewood's grade school, high school, and college.

Wingra Watershed Project

The Edgewood Wingra Watershed Project connects students with the local community, using the Lake Wingra watershed as a focus. Students are given the opportunity to extend their classroom learning by engaging in real-world issues, working with others to identify and solve problems, and presenting the results of their work to the public. Edgewood faculty, students, and staff collaborate with many other organizations and individuals to promote understanding and good management of the Wingra Watershed. Especially important is our partnership with the Friends of Lake Wingra, whose mission is "to promote a healthy Lake Wingra through an active watershed community."

Watershed Education Connection

The Edgewood Watershed Education Connection (EWEC), sponsored by Edgewood College and many collaborators, promotes networking, education, and public involvement around local ecological and cultural issues. This site is for teachers, students, and the general public interested in furthering their knowledge of watersheds and education.

Rain Garden Project

Rain gardens reduce water pollution while beautifying the landscape. Rain gardens are "bioretention" systems, alternative stormwater management practices that use natural processes to increase the infiltration of rainwater into the ground and remove potentially harmful pollutants. With its close proximity to Lake Wingra, Edgewood College is planting rain gardens in areas with standing water in order to reduce the amount of pollution running into the lakes. Research has shown that over half of lake pollution is caused by local residents landscape practices and not by agriculture. Rain gardens are an easy way to help curb this statistic.