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Achievement in Medicine (AIM)

Achievement in Medicine (AIM) is an organization that is open to anyone who is considering the option of going into the medical/health field once they graduate. We have guest speakers that come in and talk to us about Medical School and Graduate School applications and health professionals such as doctors, physical therapists, physician assistants, and dentists that come in to speak about their experiences. We also try to participate in volunteer programs, community service projects, and fundraisers. Our group is also a good resource for study materials for the MCAT and GRE.


Twice a month on W 4:00pm



Leah Spurgeon


James G Goll

Edgewood Science Society (ESS)

The Edgewood Science Society is open to all students who have an interest in the sciences, technology, engineering, or math. This social club promotes scientific activities on campus, as well as off-campus field trips.


Monthly on F in Sonderegger Science Center

Wood's Edge

Wood's Edge is a student organization that is open to all Edgewood students interested in the outdoors and/or environmental issues. Wood's Edge is a great way to get involved in environmental issues at a local, state, national, or global level and especially on campus. Additionally Wood's Edge aims to educate the campus and community about ongoing environmental issues. Wood's Edge also provides opportunities for social outdoor activities for Edgewood College students (e.g. camping, hiking, canoeing, skiing).


Weekly on W 4:00pm in Sonderegger 314