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Welcome, students!

Below are some resources that will guide you through the independent undergraduate research requirement for Edgewood's Biology Major


1. Understand the Research Requirement for the Biology Major:

As soon as you decide on a Biology Major at Edgewood, you should start to think about one of our requirements... completion of independent research.


2. Enroll in Bio 251 for an Introduction to Biology Research:

Bio 251 is our introduction to the process of research and your independent undergraduate research project.


3. Explore Your Opportunities:

There are several different pathways that you can take to complete your independent research requirement. Below is more information about opportunities available to you. We suggest that you find several options, and we'll do our best to help you secure one of them.


4. Apply for a Research Mentor with the UgR Coordinator:

The Undergraduate Coordinator works with faculty mentors to assign Bio 251 students to mentors and also helps students to find new mentors when plans change. Please read through the information below before you contact the UgR coordinator about how to apply to work with a faculty mentor. Remember that research mentors are selective about the students that they enroll in their research courses, and that you should do you best to establish a good working relationship with your mentor from the beginning.


5. Keep the UgR Coordinator in the Loop:

Once you and your mentor agree upon a project and a plan for completing it, you MUST use the "Intention Survey" below to let the Undergraduate Research Coordinator know about your plans. Also, if anything changes, please send a new intention survey that describes how your plans have changed.


6. Complete Your Project:

Your mentor will guide you through completion of your project... More information on getting the most out of this experience is here.


7. Keep the UgR Coordinator in the Loop:

Once your complete your project, your mentor must clear you for the next step. Make sure that he or she completes this form and sends it to the UgR coordinator.

  • Seminar Approval Form (coming soon)


8. Enroll in Bio 480 to Engage in Scientific Discourse:

The final step in your independent research requirement is completion of Bio 480: Biology Seminar. But, we invite everyone to participate in the talks given by our Seniors.


Questions about Independent Undergraduate Research for the Bio Major?

Contact Nicole Kime (Undergraduate Research Coordinator)

Phone: (608) 663-3446